$1M By 19, $100M+ By 35 — Here’s How He Did It

Learn how Val Katayev became a millionaire by 19 and built a $100+ million empire by 35. Discover his strategies, motivation, and unconventional approach to achieve extraordinary success. Tune in now!

In a captivating article titled “$1M By 19, $100M+ By 35 — Here’s How He Did It”, Sam Parr sits down with Val Katayev to discuss his extraordinary journey to success. From starting with a PlayStation website in high school to launching an affiliate marketing business that made over $30 million in profit, Val’s entrepreneurial prowess is nothing short of impressive. The interview covers topics such as Val’s strategies for launching new products, his motivation for success, and his accidental exposure on social media that turned viral. With a growing number of followers and a multi-billion dollar jewelry business, Val’s story highlights the power of thinking differently and embracing unconventional paths to achievement.

In a humorous and casual interview style, Sam Parr brings Val’s story to life. From Val’s viral Twitter moment to his unique approach to business, the article paints a fascinating picture of a successful entrepreneur. Val’s immigrant background and his drive to do more with less contribute to his success, as he constantly tries new things and seizes opportunities in emerging markets. Val’s story is not only inspiring but also sheds light on the importance of taking risks and embracing curiosity in the world of business.

$1M By 19, $100M+ By 35 -- Heres How He Did It

Sam Parr (@theSamParr) sits down with Val Katayev (@ValKatayev) to talk about how he got his start making millions from a ringtone business, why he’s currently launching a startup in the jewelry industry, what has fueled him to greatness along the way, and much more.

Show Notes:

(00:00) – Val going viral on Twitter

(1:35) – How he got his start

(19:15) – How he builds launches new products

(37:40) – Are you driven by money?

(42:30) – How Sam accidentally exposed Val

Introduction to Val Katayev

Val Katayev is a successful and unique entrepreneur who has achieved incredible financial success through a diverse range of business ventures. In a recent interview with Sam Parr, Val shared his journey to making millions and discussed his current startup in the jewelry industry. This interview provided valuable insights into Val’s strategies for launching new products, his motivations for success, and his growing influence on social media.

Background and Early Ventures

Val’s entrepreneurial journey began in high school when he launched a PlayStation website that generated $5,000 per month in revenue. Despite the dot-com bubble bursting and a decline in ad revenue, Val’s website continued to attract a significant amount of traffic. To generate revenue, Val had to quickly learn how to sell advertising and even became a broker for other video game sites.

Transitioning into Affiliate Marketing

Following the success of his PlayStation website, Val entered the world of affiliate marketing. Through an innovative use of page search, Val was able to tap into a market where advertisers were willing to pay for customer acquisition. This allowed Val to generate over $30 million in profit within a few short years. His ability to capitalize on the changing dynamics of digital advertising and supply and demand made his ventures immensely profitable.

Entering the Music Industry

Val’s next venture took him into the music industry with the creation of the Ringtone Matcher service. By integrating his service with popular music sites, Val was able to generate significant revenue. This further expanded his business portfolio and solidified his reputation as a versatile and successful entrepreneur. It is worth noting that many people underestimate the profitability and reach of lyric websites, and Val’s success in this sector highlights his ability to identify lucrative opportunities.

Current Success in the Jewelry Business

Val’s most recent and notable success lies in the jewelry business. He now runs a multi-billion dollar jewelry empire and has invested over $100 million in real estate projects. Val’s ability to diversify his business portfolio and make strategic investments has played a significant role in his continued success. By expanding into new industries and sectors, Val has created a diverse and thriving business empire.

Entrepreneurial Approach and Mindset

Val’s approach to entrepreneurship is marked by curiosity, willingness to take risks, and resourcefulness. He embraces new ideas and constantly tests multiple concepts, ensuring that he is always at the forefront of innovation. Val understands that adaptability is essential for success in the fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape.

Val’s Immigrant Background and Drive

Val’s immigrant background has had a profound impact on his entrepreneurial journey. Coming to the United States from Uzbekistan at the age of 11, Val had to overcome various challenges and adversity. His drive to make the most of his opportunities and do more with less has been a driving force behind his success. Val’s immigrant background instilled in him a determination to succeed and a strong work ethic that continues to fuel his achievements.

Exploring Emerging Markets

Val firmly believes in the power of thinking differently and exploring emerging markets. He recognizes the importance of constantly trying new things and seizing opportunities that others may overlook. Val’s ability to identify untapped potential in emerging markets has contributed to his consistent growth and success as an entrepreneur. By expanding into new industries and sectors, Val has been able to leverage his expertise and stay ahead of the curve.

Thinking Differently for Success

Val’s story highlights the importance of thinking differently and taking unconventional paths to success. He demonstrates that success often comes from looking beyond conventional wisdom and embracing new ideas. Val’s ability to identify opportunities and pivot his business ventures accordingly has been instrumental in his extraordinary achievements.


Val Katayev’s journey to making millions and building a diverse business empire is both inspiring and instructive for aspiring entrepreneurs. His story emphasizes the significance of adaptability, curiosity, and a willingness to take risks. Val’s immigrant background and drive have played a crucial role in shaping his entrepreneurial success. By exploring emerging markets and thinking differently, Val has achieved remarkable financial milestones and continues to be a trailblazer in his respective industries. Aspiring entrepreneurs can draw inspiration from Val’s experiences and apply his strategies for success in their own ventures.

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