Drunk Business Ideas That Could Make You Millions

Get ready to have your mind blown with some truly genius, or maybe not so genius, business ideas by Shaan Puri and Sam Parr on their video titled "Drunk Business Ideas That Could Make You Millions." T...

Get ready to have your mind blown with some truly genius, or maybe not so genius, business ideas by Shaan Puri and Sam Parr on their video titled “Drunk Business Ideas That Could Make You Millions.” The first idea that they discuss is called the “Very Long Distance Girlfriend,” a service where you can have a fake boyfriend or girlfriend who texts and interacts with you without ever meeting in person. This idea offers all the perks of a perfect relationship without any of the downsides. But is it diabolical or brilliant? Sam gives it a 10/10 rating, while Ben, well, let’s just say he’s not impressed. These drunken business ideas range from selling oversized beds to creating a show called “Petty Court” or “HOA Court,” where petty conflicts are resolved. But don’t take our word for it, check out the video and decide for yourself if these ideas could actually make you millions.

Drunk Business Ideas That Could Make You Millions

Shaan Puri (@ShaanVP) and Sam Parr (@TheSamParr) share some “drunk business ideas.” Ideas that sound ridiculous… but might actually work.


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Show Notes:

(02:25) – Very long distance girlfriend

(10:00) – Extremely large beds

(17:10) – HOA Court

(25:30) – Business Olympics

Very Long Distance Girlfriend

Service Description

Are you tired of the ups and downs of real relationships? Look no further than the Very Long Distance Girlfriend service! This innovative business idea offers the perfect solution for those who long for the perks of having a partner without any of the downsides. With Very Long Distance Girlfriend, subscribers can enjoy the company and emotional support of a fake boyfriend or girlfriend who will interact with them solely through texts and messages. It’s like having a significant other without ever having to meet them!

Benefits and Downsides

The benefits of Very Long Distance Girlfriend are endless. Subscribers will have someone who treats them perfectly, always says the right things, and never gets jealous or mad. They can experience the joy of a fairy tale relationship without any of the usual drawbacks. Plus, with the rise of virtual friendships, many people already have friends they’ve only ever interacted with through texts, so why not take that concept to the next level?

However, there are some downsides to consider. Critics may argue that having a fake partner is not emotionally fulfilling and may prevent individuals from seeking real human connections. Others might find it unethical to pay someone to pretend to love them. Despite these concerns, there is no denying the appeal of a relationship without any of the typical challenges.

Business Inspired by Black Mirror

Concept Explanation

If you’re a fan of the TV show Black Mirror, then you already know how thought-provoking and unique its episodes can be. So why not take inspiration from the show and create a business that offers products or services based on its futuristic concepts? The possibilities are endless!

Imagine a subscription box service that delivers mysterious and intriguing gadgets straight to your door, just like the ones featured in Black Mirror. Or perhaps a virtual reality experience that replicates the scenarios from your favorite episodes. The potential for a business that taps into the fascination with Black Mirror is vast, and it’s guaranteed to attract fans of the show.

Potential Market and Viability

The market for this business idea is already established, thanks to the massive popularity of Black Mirror. Fans of the show are eager to explore the dark and futuristic themes it presents, and they would undoubtedly be interested in products or experiences that bring those concepts to life. Additionally, as Black Mirror continues to gain new viewers, the market for related businesses will only grow.

The viability of a business inspired by Black Mirror lies in its ability to tap into the audience’s love for the show while offering unique and captivating experiences. By providing innovative products or services that capture the essence of the show, entrepreneurs could potentially create a lucrative business that caters to a niche yet devoted market.

Emotional Voice Assistant

Idea Description

Voice assistants like Alexa and Siri have become increasingly prevalent in our lives, but what if we took it a step further and created an emotional voice assistant? This business idea involves developing a voice-activated AI that not only answers questions and completes tasks but also displays emotional intelligence and attachment. Imagine having a virtual assistant that can sense your mood, offer empathy, and adapt its responses based on your emotional state.

Pros and Cons

The emotional voice assistant has many potential benefits. It could provide comfort and support during stressful times, act as a listening ear, and even offer personalized recommendations based on your emotions. This type of AI could revolutionize the way we interact with technology and provide a unique and personalized user experience.

However, there are also concerns with creating an emotional voice assistant. Critics may argue that developing an AI capable of mimicking human emotions is unethical or misleading. Additionally, there are technical challenges involved in accurately interpreting and responding to human emotions. Nevertheless, the concept of an emotional voice assistant is intriguing and opens up new possibilities for human-computer interaction.

Drunk Business Ideas That Could Make You Millions

Oversized Beds

Proposal Overview

Have you ever wished for a bed that could accommodate your sprawling sleep style? Look no further than oversized beds! This business idea involves manufacturing and selling beds that are much larger than the standard sizes. Imagine a bed that fits multiple people comfortably or allows for maximum sprawl and relaxation. It’s the perfect solution for those who crave extra space while they sleep.

Target Market Discussion

The target market for oversized beds is vast. Athletes, who often require more space due to their larger physiques, would find these beds especially appealing. Additionally, business nerds who work hard and need a comfortable and luxurious sleep experience might be willing to invest in an oversized bed.

Moreover, as more people prioritize comfort and relaxation in their lives, the demand for unique sleep solutions will continue to grow. By catering to this market, entrepreneurs can tap into a niche that offers significant growth potential.

Petty Court or HOA Court

Show Concept

We all secretly love a good courtroom drama, and what better way to satisfy that craving than a show called “Petty Court” or “HOA Court”? This business idea involves creating a reality TV show that centers around resolving petty disputes between neighbors in an entertaining and humorous manner. From debates over lawn maintenance to arguments about noisy pets, Petty Court would give viewers a front-row seat to the most trivial conflicts.

Potential Audience

The potential audience for a show like Petty Court is vast. People love getting a glimpse into the lives of others and finding entertainment in the quirks and conflicts of everyday life. By highlighting the absurdity of petty disputes, this show could attract a wide range of viewers who enjoy lighthearted and humorous content.

Tech All-Star Game or Hackathon

Event Idea

For the tech enthusiasts out there, imagine an event that brings together the biggest names in the industry to compete in building innovative projects. The Tech All-Star Game or Hackathon would be a gathering of tech leaders who showcase their skills, collaborate on projects, and compete against each other to create groundbreaking technologies. It would be a thrilling and high-stakes event that caters to the competitive spirit of the tech industry.

Competitive Format

The Tech All-Star Game or Hackathon could follow a format similar to sports All-Star Games, where teams are formed based on players’ skills and expertise. Participants would have a set timeframe to work on their projects, and a panel of industry experts would judge the final creations. The event would not only provide entertainment but also inspire creativity and innovation within the tech community.

Role of Luck in Business Ventures

Debating Luck’s Significance

When it comes to business ventures, the role of luck is often debated. Some argue that luck plays a significant role in the success or failure of a business. Others believe that luck is just a minor factor and that hard work, skill, and strategy are the main determinants of success.

While there is no definitive answer to this debate, it is clear that luck can sometimes play a crucial role in business outcomes. External factors, market conditions, and unexpected events can all influence the trajectory of a business, regardless of how well-prepared or skilled the entrepreneurs are. However, it’s important to note that luck alone cannot guarantee success without the necessary skills and effort.

Examples of Successful Ventures

There are countless examples of businesses that experienced both luck and skill in their journeys to success. Companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon all had their fair share of lucky breaks, whether it be timely acquisitions or fortunate market conditions. These examples illustrate the complex interplay between luck and skill in the business world.

While luck may indeed open doors for entrepreneurs, it is ultimately their abilities and actions that determine their long-term success. Being able to recognize and capitalize on opportunities, adapt to changing circumstances, and continually learn and innovate are the hallmarks of a successful business venture.

Impact of Individuals from the Past in Today’s Era

Exploring Historical Inspiration

History is filled with individuals who made a significant impact on society. From renowned inventors to influential leaders, their legacies continue to shape the world we live in today. This business idea involves leveraging the inspiration and wisdom of historical figures to create products or services that resonate with modern-day consumers.

By delving into the lives and achievements of individuals from the past, entrepreneurs can tap into the timeless appeal of historical figures. Whether it’s through creating merchandise featuring iconic quotes or developing educational programs that highlight their accomplishments, there is immense potential to connect with audiences who appreciate the contributions of historical figures.

Modern Relevance

The appeal of historical figures lies in their ability to transcend time and remain relevant in today’s era. People still look to figures like Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, or Rosa Parks for inspiration and guidance. By incorporating their stories and teachings into modern-day products and services, entrepreneurs can create a strong connection between the past and the present.

Moreover, in a world characterized by constant change, the stability and wisdom of historical figures can provide a sense of grounding and inspiration. The impact of individuals from the past is a reminder of the enduring human spirit and the potential for greatness that exists within all of us.


Drunk business ideas may seem absurd at first, but they often highlight untapped opportunities or innovative concepts that could potentially make millions. From the Very Long Distance Girlfriend service to businesses inspired by Black Mirror, each idea explored in this article offers a unique perspective on entrepreneurship and the limitless imagination of creative minds.

While not all of these ideas may become successful ventures, they serve as a reminder of the importance of humor and outside-the-box thinking in the business world. So, the next time you’re indulging in some creative brainstorming or even enjoying a few drinks, don’t be afraid to explore those seemingly outrageous ideas. Who knows, you may just stumble upon the next million-dollar business concept!

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