Entrepreneur Mindset: The Untapped Power Of Enthusiasm In Business & Life | My First Million Podcast

Discover the power of enthusiasm in business and life! Learn why this essential mindset attracts success and positive energy to others. Join Shaan Puri and Sam Parr on the My First Million Podcast as they share insights and tools to turn ambitious ideas into reality. Don't miss out on this untapped superpower for entrepreneurs!

The article, titled “Entrepreneur Mindset: The Untapped Power Of Enthusiasm In Business & Life | My First Million Podcast,” emphasizes the importance of having an enthusiastic mindset as an entrepreneur. It highlights that enthusiasm not only gives positive energy to others but also attracts success in both business and life. The authors delve into the details of why enthusiasm is a crucial factor for long-term achievement in any endeavor. The article also introduces the hosts of the podcast, Shaan Puri and Sam Parr, who celebrate builders and provide tools to turn ambitious ideas into reality. They share insights from their premium publication, Trends, which uncovers the next big business concepts and industry trends. Additionally, they suggest their audience check out another podcast, Exit Strategy, hosted by Moiz Ali, where they can learn from top entrepreneurs and gain invaluable strategies to build their own successful ventures.

In a conversational tone, the article discusses the power of enthusiasm, citing personal experiences and insights. It mentions the study of happiness in psychology and the revelation that people often make decisions they believe will make them happy, but in reality, those decisions may not lead to true happiness. The article also mentions Sean Achor, a Harvard professor, whose TED Talk titled “The Happiness Advantage” resonated with the author. Achor’s thesis asserts that being happy is an advantage in achieving great results, contrary to the belief that achieving great things will lead to happiness. The author agrees with Achor, emphasizing the value of positivity and enthusiasm, which are often undervalued resources. They share personal anecdotes of being an enthusiast in various environments and acknowledge that while enthusiasm may be seen as low status, it holds great power and can be a superpower for success.

The Power of Enthusiasm in Business & Life

Entrepreneur Mindset: The Untapped Power Of Enthusiasm In Business  Life | My First Million Podcast

Your mindset as an entrepreneur is vital to the success of your business. Enthusiasm is a great trait to have because it gives positive energy to others and is attractive in both business and life. We talk about why that is true in more detail and important for the long-term success of whatever it is you are trying to achieve.

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Why Enthusiasm is a Vital Trait for Entrepreneurs

Enthusiasm is a powerful trait that can greatly contribute to the success of entrepreneurs. When individuals are enthusiastic about their work and goals, it is evident in their attitude, actions, and communication. This enthusiasm can inspire and motivate others, creating a positive and productive work environment. Entrepreneurs who approach their ventures with enthusiasm are more likely to persevere through challenges, seek innovative solutions, and maintain a growth mindset. As a vital trait, enthusiasm not only fuels personal motivation and determination but also attracts like-minded individuals and opportunities.

The Positive Energy Enthusiasm Brings to Others

Enthusiasm is contagious. When someone displays genuine enthusiasm, it radiates positive energy that can uplift and inspire others. In a business setting, this positive energy has the potential to transform the overall atmosphere, leading to increased productivity, collaboration, and creativity. Customers and clients are also drawn to enthusiastic entrepreneurs, as it indicates passion and dedication to providing exceptional products or services. The positive energy that enthusiasm brings can foster stronger relationships, both personally and professionally, and create a sense of camaraderie and support among team members.

The Attractive Nature of Enthusiasm in Business and Life

Enthusiasm is an attractive quality that can significantly impact an individual’s personal and professional relationships. People are naturally drawn to those who exude positivity and passion. In a business context, enthusiastic entrepreneurs can captivate potential investors, partners, and customers, compelling them to take notice and engage with their ventures. Moreover, enthusiasm can help individuals build a strong personal brand and reputation, positioning them as leaders in their respective industries. In life, enthusiasm can enhance personal connections by fostering deeper, more meaningful relationships and attracting individuals who share similar values and interests.

The Long-Term Success of Enthusiasm in Achieving Goals

Enthusiasm plays a crucial role in the long-term success of individuals in achieving their goals. When entrepreneurs are genuinely enthusiastic about their visions and aspirations, they are more likely to persevere through obstacles and setbacks. This persistence and determination fueled by enthusiasm enable entrepreneurs to overcome challenges, adapt to changing circumstances, and seize opportunities. Additionally, enthusiasm fuels continuous learning and growth, as individuals are more open to embracing new ideas, seeking feedback, and refining their strategies. This commitment to personal and professional development contributes to long-term success by allowing individuals to stay agile, innovative, and relevant in their fields.

Importance of a Positive Mindset

The Link Between Happiness and Success

There is a strong correlation between happiness and success. Studies have shown that individuals who adopt a positive mindset and approach challenges with optimism are better equipped to achieve their goals. Happiness fosters a growth mindset, allowing individuals to view obstacles as opportunities for learning and growth rather than insurmountable barriers. This positive perspective enables entrepreneurs to maintain resilience and tenacity in the face of adversity, increasing their chances of success. Moreover, a positive mindset enhances problem-solving abilities and enables individuals to adapt to change with ease.

The Advantages of Being Happy

Happiness offers numerous advantages in both personal and professional contexts. When individuals are happy, they experience higher levels of motivation, creativity, and productivity. Happiness improves cognitive function, memory, and decision-making skills, all of which are crucial in entrepreneurship. Additionally, happy individuals are more likely to have strong social connections and build meaningful relationships, which can lead to valuable partnerships, collaborations, and support networks. Overall, being happy enhances an entrepreneur’s overall well-being and quality of life, allowing them to thrive both personally and professionally.

The Benefits of Positive Energy and Attitude

Positive energy and attitude have a transformative effect on individuals and their environments. When entrepreneurs approach their work and interactions with positivity, it sets the tone for the entire team and organization. Positive energy fosters a collaborative and supportive culture, promoting open communication, innovation, and high morale. It also improves team dynamics by enhancing trust, cooperation, and empathy. From a personal perspective, maintaining a positive attitude allows entrepreneurs to navigate challenges more effectively, maintain perspective, and bounce back from failures. This resilience contributes to long-term success and personal growth.

The Undervalued Resource of Positivity

Positivity is an undervalued resource that can significantly impact individual and organizational outcomes. In the fast-paced and often stressful world of entrepreneurship, maintaining a positive outlook can be challenging but immensely rewarding. Positivity helps entrepreneurs cope with stress, reducing the risk of burnout and promoting mental and emotional well-being. It also allows individuals to approach problems from a solution-oriented perspective, focusing on opportunities rather than dwelling on limitations. By valuing and prioritizing positivity, entrepreneurs can enhance their overall effectiveness, satisfaction, and success.

The Impact of Enthusiasm on Competitiveness

Enthusiasm plays a crucial role in one’s competitiveness in the business world. When entrepreneurs approach their ventures with enthusiasm, they stand out among their competitors. Enthusiastic individuals are perceived as confident, driven, and passionate, which can attract investors, customers, and talented team members. This competitive advantage translates into increased opportunities for growth, funding, and strategic partnerships. Moreover, enthusiasm fuels determination and perseverance, enabling entrepreneurs to stay focused on their goals and outperform their competition. In a crowded marketplace, enthusiasm sets entrepreneurs apart and gives them a fighting edge.

Enthusiasm as a Superpower

The Untapped Potential of Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is an untapped superpower that many individuals fail to harness. While enthusiasm may seem like a natural attribute, it requires conscious effort and self-awareness to fully utilize. By recognizing the power of enthusiasm and intentionally cultivating it, entrepreneurs can unlock their full potential and achieve extraordinary results. Enthusiasm fuels motivation, creativity, and resilience, enabling individuals to overcome challenges and reach new heights. By tapping into their enthusiasm, entrepreneurs can unlock a wellspring of energy and passion that can propel them forward on their journeys.

The Lack of Enthusiasm Amongst Successful People

Surprisingly, many successful individuals lack enthusiasm despite their achievements. This lack of enthusiasm can be attributed to various factors, such as burnout, disillusionment, or complacency. Successful people may become jaded or lose sight of their original passions and aspirations. However, this lack of enthusiasm can hinder their long-term growth and hinder their ability to inspire and motivate others. Recognizing and addressing this lack of enthusiasm is crucial for sustained success and personal fulfillment.

The Misconception of Enthusiasm and Status

Enthusiasm is often misunderstood or misperceived as a trait associated with lower status or naivety. Some individuals mistakenly believe that displaying enthusiasm undermines their credibility or portrays them as inexperienced. However, enthusiasm is a powerful tool that can help individuals establish their expertise, credibility, and leadership. Genuine enthusiasm demonstrates passion, dedication, and a genuine interest in what one does. By reframing the perception of enthusiasm, individuals can leverage it as a superpower that commands respect, attracts opportunities, and inspires others.

The Power of Enthusiasm as a Superpower

Enthusiasm is a superpower that can drive individuals towards greatness. It acts as a catalyst for action and fuels the determination and persistence needed to overcome challenges. Enthusiasm ignites creativity, allowing entrepreneurs to think outside the box and devise innovative solutions. It also creates a magnetic energy that attracts like-minded individuals, forming a supportive network and fostering collaboration. As a superpower, enthusiasm empowers entrepreneurs to seize opportunities and take bold risks, propelling them towards their goals and dreams.

The Reasons Behind the Underutilization of Enthusiasm

Despite its immense power, enthusiasm is often underutilized by individuals. This underutilization can be attributed to various factors, such as societal norms, fear of judgment, or lack of self-awareness. Society often values seriousness, stoicism, and reserved demeanor, which can overshadow and discourage individuals from embracing their enthusiasm. Fear of judgment and rejection may also prevent individuals from fully expressing their enthusiasm, especially in professional settings. Additionally, individuals may lack self-awareness and fail to recognize the transformative potential of enthusiasm. By addressing these barriers, individuals can tap into the full power of enthusiasm and maximize its impact on their personal and professional lives.

Adopting a Positive Outlook

The Skill of Having a Positive Outlook

Maintaining a positive outlook is a skill that can be developed through conscious effort and practice. It involves cultivating a mindset that focuses on opportunities, solutions, and gratitude. By training themselves to see the silver lining in every situation, individuals can shift their perspective and embrace a positive outlook. This skill requires self-awareness, mindfulness, and a commitment to personal growth. With dedication and practice, individuals can adopt a positive outlook that permeates all aspects of their lives.

The Accessibility of Positivity as a Trait

Positivity is an accessible and attainable trait that anyone can develop. Unlike some innate characteristics, positivity can be cultivated and honed through daily habits and lifestyle choices. Individuals can choose to engage in activities that promote positivity, such as regular exercise, practicing gratitude, and surrounding themselves with positive influences. By consciously choosing positivity and investing in activities that uplift and energize them, individuals can unleash the power of this transformative trait.

The Benefits of Trying to be Positive and Joyful

Making an effort to be positive and joyful offers numerous benefits in personal and professional life. Positivity and joy enhance overall well-being, leading to improved mental health, emotional resilience, and higher levels of life satisfaction. In a professional context, individuals who exude positivity are more likely to attract opportunities, build strong professional relationships, and inspire and motivate others. Positivity also increases productivity and creativity, as it fosters a conducive environment for collaboration, innovation, and problem-solving. Ultimately, trying to be positive and joyful allows individuals to navigate life’s challenges with grace and find happiness in the journey.

The Potential Challenges in Embracing Positivity

Embracing positivity can come with its fair share of challenges. Life is filled with ups and downs, and it can be difficult to maintain a positive outlook during challenging times. It requires individuals to confront negative emotions, confront setbacks with resilience, and actively work on shifting their perspective. Furthermore, external circumstances, such as toxic environments or unsupportive relationships, can make it challenging to cultivate and sustain positivity. However, by recognizing these challenges and implementing strategies to overcome them, individuals can navigate the path to positivity with greater ease.

The Impact of Positivity on Personal Growth

Positivity has a profound impact on personal growth and development. When individuals maintain a positive outlook, they become more open to learning, new experiences, and personal transformation. Positivity enhances self-confidence, enabling individuals to take risks, step out of their comfort zones, and embrace new opportunities. This commitment to growth and continuous improvement fosters resilience, adaptability, and a growth mindset – qualities essential for personal and professional success. Positivity propels individuals to unlock their fullest potential and discover new possibilities for personal growth and fulfillment.

The Contagious Energy of Enthusiasm

The Infectious Nature of Positive Energy

Positive energy is inherently contagious. When someone exudes a positive attitude and energy, it has a ripple effect on those around them. Positivity uplifts the mood, morale, and motivation of individuals in its vicinity. This contagious nature of positive energy can transform the atmosphere of a room, a team, or even an entire organization. It creates a domino effect, inspiring others to adopt a positive mindset and contribute to a collaborative and productive environment.

The Loyal Audience of My First Million Podcast

The My First Million podcast has built a loyal audience, partly due to the infectious energy of its hosts, Shaan Puri and Sam Parr. Their enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and their genuine passion for celebrating builders resonates with listeners. The positive energy they exude throughout their conversations creates an engaging and uplifting podcast experience. This contagious enthusiasm attracts like-minded individuals who share their values and aspirations, forming a loyal community of listeners.

The Contagiousness of Sean and Sam’s Energy

The energy and enthusiasm displayed by Sean and Sam on their podcast have a contagious effect on their audience. Listeners receive a burst of positive energy, motivation, and inspiration through their discussions. Sean and Sam’s infectious enthusiasm is evident in their storytelling, insights, and genuine excitement about the topics they explore. This contagiousness encourages listeners to embrace their own ambitions, take risks, and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

The Perception of Enthusiasm as Contagious Energy

Enthusiasm is often perceived as contagious energy because of its ability to inspire and motivate others. When individuals display genuine enthusiasm, it creates a positive and uplifting environment that influences those around them. This contagion spreads far beyond mere words or actions – it is a connection formed through shared energy and passion. The perception of enthusiasm as contagious energy encourages individuals to embrace and share their enthusiasm, knowing that it has the potential to transform lives and foster deeper connections.

The Effectiveness of Enthusiasm in Building Bonds

Enthusiasm plays a crucial role in building bonds and fostering meaningful relationships. When individuals approach interactions with enthusiasm, it creates a sense of connection and authenticity. Enthusiasm evokes positive emotions in others, making them more receptive and open to building rapport. It establishes a foundation of trust and mutual understanding, enabling individuals to forge stronger personal and professional relationships. By leveraging the power of enthusiasm, individuals can build bonds that are based on shared energy, respect, and a genuine passion for growth and success.

The Role of Enthusiasm in Leadership

The Balance Between Enthusiasm and Grumpiness

Enthusiasm and grumpiness are two opposite ends of the emotional spectrum that can greatly impact leadership effectiveness. While enthusiasm inspires and motivates, grumpiness can have the opposite effect, creating a negative and demoralizing atmosphere. Effective leaders understand the importance of balancing their emotions and managing their reactions to different situations. By embracing enthusiasm and minimizing grumpiness, leaders can create an environment that nurtures innovation, collaboration, and high performance.

The Impact of Enthusiasm in Leadership Roles

Enthusiasm is a powerful tool for leaders, as it sets the tone and influences the behavior of their teams. When leaders exhibit genuine enthusiasm for their vision and goals, it inspires their team members to share in that excitement. Enthusiasm creates a positive and empowering work environment that fosters creativity, productivity, and a sense of purpose. As a result, teams led by enthusiastic leaders are more engaged, motivated, and committed to achieving collective success.

The Ability to Switch Between Enthusiasm and Anger

Leaders must have the ability to switch between enthusiasm and anger when appropriate. While enthusiasm is generally more effective in inspiring and motivating, there are times when expressing anger or frustration is necessary. However, it is crucial for leaders to handle these emotions with intention and control. By adopting a thoughtful approach to emotional management, leaders can convey their expectations and address issues without compromising their overall enthusiasm and positive mindset.

The Importance of Handling Enthusiasm Appropriately

Handling enthusiasm appropriately is important for leaders to maintain balance and effectiveness. Leaders must be aware of when and how to express their enthusiasm, ensuring that it aligns with the needs and dynamics of their team. This requires understanding individual team members, their preferences, and their responses to different leadership styles. By tailoring their approach to each situation, leaders can leverage their enthusiasm in a way that maximizes its impact and resonates with their team.

The Impact of Enthusiasm on Team Dynamics

Enthusiasm plays a crucial role in shaping team dynamics and fostering a positive work culture. When leaders display genuine enthusiasm, it creates a ripple effect among team members, motivating them to perform at their best and contribute their unique strengths. Enthusiasm enhances teamwork, collaboration, and communication, as individuals are more likely to engage actively and share their ideas and insights. This positive team dynamic fosters trust, camaraderie, and mutual support, enabling teams to achieve greater synergy and accomplish their collective goals.

Overcoming Obstacles with Enthusiasm

Using Enthusiasm to Overcome Challenges

Enthusiasm is a powerful tool in overcoming challenges and obstacles. When faced with difficulties, individuals who embrace enthusiasm are more likely to maintain a positive attitude and outlook. Enthusiasm fuels determination, resilience, and problem-solving abilities, enabling individuals to approach challenges with a solution-oriented mindset. By leveraging their enthusiasm, individuals can navigate obstacles with grace, creativity, and a sense of purpose, ultimately emerging stronger and more successful.

The Power of Enthusiasm in Difficult Situations

Difficult situations often test an individual’s resilience and mindset. Enthusiasm can act as a source of strength and motivation during such times. When individuals maintain their enthusiasm amidst adversity, it bolsters their ability to persevere, find innovative solutions, and seek opportunities for growth. Enthusiasm also allows individuals to stay focused on their goals and maintain a positive perspective, even in the face of setbacks or failures. The power of enthusiasm empowers individuals to rise above difficult situations and continue moving forward.

The Resilience and Determination Enthusiasm Provides

Enthusiasm fuels resilience and determination, which are essential qualities in overcoming obstacles. When individuals approach challenges with enthusiasm, they exhibit a persistent and tenacious mindset. Enthusiasm enables individuals to bounce back from failures, learn from setbacks, and adapt their strategies when necessary. This resilience and determination driven by enthusiasm empowers individuals to maintain their passion and pursuit of their goals, regardless of the difficulties they encounter.

The Use of Enthusiasm as a Motivational Tool

Enthusiasm can serve as a powerful motivational tool for individuals and teams. When leaders and colleagues display genuine enthusiasm, it creates a positive and energizing atmosphere that inspires others to take action. Enthusiasm motivates individuals to go above and beyond their comfort zones, embrace challenges, and strive for excellence. As a motivational tool, enthusiasm fosters intrinsic motivation, enhances performance, and cultivates a growth mindset within individuals and teams.

The Potential Drawbacks of Excessive Enthusiasm

While enthusiasm is a valuable trait, excessive enthusiasm can have drawbacks if not balanced properly. Overwhelming enthusiasm may lead to impulsive decision-making, overlooking critical details, or disregarding potential risks. It is important for individuals to find a balance between enthusiasm and critical thinking, ensuring that their excitement does not cloud their judgment. By maintaining a level-headed approach and combining enthusiasm with strategic thinking, individuals can harness the full potential of their enthusiasm while mitigating any potential drawbacks.

Cultivating Enthusiasm in Business

The Importance of Enthusiasm for Entrepreneurs

Enthusiasm is of utmost importance for entrepreneurs, as it fuels their drive, determination, and resilience. When entrepreneurs approach their ventures with enthusiasm, they inspire confidence in their team members, investors, and customers. Enthusiasm is contagious and attracts like-minded individuals who are equally passionate about their ideas and goals. By cultivating and maintaining enthusiasm, entrepreneurs can create a positive and energizing work environment that fosters innovation, collaboration, and rapid growth.

The Impact of Enthusiasm on Business Success

Enthusiasm has a direct impact on business success. Entrepreneurs who demonstrate genuine enthusiasm for their products or services are more likely to attract customers, generate sales, and build a loyal customer base. Enthusiasm also influences investor confidence, as passionate entrepreneurs are seen as trustworthy and committed to achieving their goals. Moreover, enthusiasm enhances team performance and productivity, attracting and retaining top talent. By embracing enthusiasm, entrepreneurs can significantly increase their chances of achieving long-term business success.

The Strategies for Fostering Enthusiasm in Teams

Fostering enthusiasm within teams requires intentional strategies and efforts. Leaders can cultivate enthusiasm by setting clear and inspiring goals, providing regular feedback and recognition, and creating a supportive work culture. Encouraging open communication, autonomy, and creativity also contribute to a positive and enthusiastic environment. Additionally, leaders can lead by example and display their own genuine enthusiasm for the company’s vision and goals. By implementing these strategies, leaders can ignite and sustain enthusiasm within their teams, creating a motivated and high-performing workforce.

The Role of Enthusiasm in Building a Strong Company Culture

Enthusiasm plays a fundamental role in shaping and strengthening company culture. When enthusiasm is embedded in a company’s values and behaviors, it becomes a driving force that influences how employees interact and perform. Enthusiasm promotes collaboration, teamwork, and an innovative mindset within the organization. It fosters a sense of belonging, purpose, and shared energy among team members. A strong company culture built on enthusiasm attracts and retains top talent, as individuals are drawn to organizations that value and embrace their passion and dedication.

The Value of Enthusiasm in Building Customer Relationships

Enthusiasm is a key ingredient in building strong and lasting customer relationships. When entrepreneurs genuinely convey enthusiasm for their products or services, it resonates with customers and instills confidence in their purchase decisions. Enthusiasm creates a positive customer experience by evoking emotions of excitement and satisfaction. It also fosters trust, loyalty, and advocacy, as customers are more likely to support businesses that genuinely care about their success. By infusing enthusiasm into their customer interactions, entrepreneurs can cultivate meaningful and long-term relationships.

Enthusiasm in Personal Growth

The Role of Enthusiasm in Personal Development

Enthusiasm plays a central role in personal development and growth. When individuals embrace enthusiasm, they become more open to new experiences, opportunities, and challenges. Enthusiasm cultivates curiosity, a thirst for knowledge, and a drive for continuous learning. It fuels individuals’ motivation to improve themselves, acquire new skills, and refine their strengths. By approaching personal development with enthusiasm, individuals accelerate their growth and unlock their fullest potential.

The Relationship Between Enthusiasm and Goals

Enthusiasm and goals are deeply interconnected. When individuals set meaningful and inspiring goals, enthusiasm enhances their commitment and persistence in pursuit of those goals. Enthusiasm fuels the motivation and resilience needed to overcome obstacles, stay focused, and adapt to changing circumstances. The excitement and passion generated by enthusiasm create a sense of purpose and clarity, ensuring that individuals remain driven and aligned with their goals.

The Use of Enthusiasm as a Tool for Self-Motivation

Enthusiasm serves as a powerful tool for self-motivation. When individuals tap into their enthusiasm, it creates a wellspring of energy and passion that propels them forward. Enthusiasm acts as an internal driving force, inspiring individuals to take action, overcome self-doubt, and embrace challenges. By harnessing the power of enthusiasm, individuals can become their own greatest cheerleaders, motivating themselves to push beyond their limits, seize opportunities, and achieve remarkable personal growth.

The Impact of Enthusiasm on Overcoming Obstacles

Enthusiasm has a significant impact on an individual’s ability to overcome obstacles. When faced with challenges, enthusiasm enables individuals to maintain a positive mindset and focus on finding solutions. Enthusiasm acts as a catalyst for creative problem-solving, encouraging individuals to explore alternatives and persevere through setbacks. Additionally, enthusiasm fuels determination and resilience, providing individuals with the mental and emotional strength needed to navigate difficult situations. By channeling their enthusiasm, individuals can transform obstacles into opportunities for growth and personal achievement.

The Long-Term Benefits of Cultivating Enthusiasm

Cultivating enthusiasm offers numerous long-term benefits for personal growth. Enthusiasm fuels a lifelong commitment to learning, progress, and self-improvement. It enables individuals to maintain a positive attitude and outlook, even in the face of adversity or setbacks. By embracing enthusiasm, individuals enhance their overall well-being, happiness, and fulfillment. Enthusiasm also fosters a growth mindset, ensuring that individuals remain adaptable, open-minded, and receptive to new opportunities throughout their lives. The long-term benefits of cultivating enthusiasm extend far beyond personal growth, positively impacting every aspect of an individual’s life and relationships.


The power of enthusiasm in business and life cannot be underestimated. Enthusiasm serves as a vital trait for entrepreneurs, inspiring and motivating themselves and others towards success. Its positive energy creates an atmosphere that fosters collaboration, creativity, and productivity. Enthusiasm acts as an underutilized superpower that has the potential to transform lives and businesses. By adopting a positive outlook and embracing enthusiasm, individuals can unlock their fullest potential, overcome obstacles, and achieve remarkable personal and professional growth. Cultivating enthusiasm in business and life is a journey that leads to long-term success, happiness, and fulfillment.

Check out the Entrepreneur Mindset: The Untapped Power Of Enthusiasm In Business  Life | My First Million Podcast here.

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