How Sam Parr Does Deep Research on Wealthy People

In this captivating video by My First Million, the narrator, Sam Parr, shares his unique approach to conducting deep research on wealthy individuals. His strategy involves exploring the real estate ma...

In this captivating video by My First Million, the narrator, Sam Parr, shares his unique approach to conducting deep research on wealthy individuals. His strategy involves exploring the real estate market by visiting a website called The, where he delves into a segment named “Yolanda Says.” Although Yolanda is a fictitious character, her blog provides valuable gossip and insights about real estate dealings, particularly in New York and Los Angeles. Sam explains that one of the most reliable indicators of someone’s wealth is their real estate holdings, as it is difficult to fake owning multimillion-dollar properties. He provides an intriguing example of his research, focusing on a person named Brian Carringer, who purchased a lavish house in Malibu for $20 million in 2019. Through further investigation, Sam discovers that Brian is the entrepreneur behind, which proves to be an unexpected and fascinating revelation.

Sam’s research and curiosity extend beyond the surface-level information, as he explores the revenue and employee size of As it turns out, the website attracts around 40 million unique visitors per month and generates approximately $20 million in revenue. Despite its immense success, Sam wonders about the monetization methods employed by is it solely through adsense, or are there other revenue streams involved? The video leaves viewers intrigued by Sam’s determination to uncover the inner workings of this iconic website and his relentless pursuit of knowledge.

Finding Wealthy People’s Real Estate Holdings

When it comes to researching wealthy individuals, one effective method is to explore their real estate holdings. One platform that is useful for this purpose is Within this website, there is a segment called Yolanda, which is essentially a blog that focuses on real estate news and rumors. Yolanda provides updates on various properties and their potential buyers, offering valuable information for research purposes. While Yolanda is not a real person, the gossip blog has gained popularity, especially in New York and Los Angeles, for its coverage of real estate transactions involving high-profile individuals. By examining the real estate purchases made by wealthy buyers, researchers can gain insight into their wealth and financial standing.

Real Estate Holdings as an Indicator of Wealth

One of the reasons real estate holdings are highly indicative of an individual’s wealth is the difficulty in faking such ownership. While it may be possible to counterfeit an image of wealth through material possessions or flashy lifestyles, real estate purchases require substantial financial resources. Owning a multimillion-dollar property, especially if it has been acquired solely for personal use, suggests significant wealth. The correlation between high-value real estate and wealth is strong, making real estate holdings an essential marker when researching the financial status of individuals.

How Sam Parr Does Deep Research on Wealthy People

Case Study: Brian Carringer

During research on wealthy individuals using the platform, one particular name that caught attention was Brian Carringer. In 2019, Carringer purchased a house in Malibu for a staggering $20 million. Despite not being familiar with Carringer initially, further investigation revealed intriguing details about his background. It was discovered that Carringer was the founder of, a surprising fact considering the niche nature of the website. However, his success as an internet entrepreneur became evident as his story unfolded.

Researching Brian Carringer’s Background

To gain a comprehensive understanding of Brian Carringer’s success story, it is crucial to delve into his background. Carringer started his journey in the 1990s when he established Lexico Publishing in 1995. This venture was responsible for managing popular websites like and Carringer built his business from scratch, relying on bootstrapping methods to grow it into a profitable enterprise. In 2005, he successfully sold Lexico Publishing to IAC for a substantial sum of $100 million.

Brian Carringer’s Involvement with

The highlight of Carringer’s entrepreneurial journey was undoubtedly his involvement with Despite its seemingly mundane subject matter, the website garnered significant attention due to its large user base and revenue. In 2019, IAC decided to part ways with, selling it to Dan Gilbert, the well-known businessman behind Quicken Loans. The transaction amounted to a staggering $100 million, indicating the continued value and success of the platform.

Holdings and Revenue of, along with its companion website, boasts an impressive monthly count of approximately 40 million unique visitors. Generating around $20 million in revenue annually, the platform has managed to monetize its large user base effectively. What sets apart is its ability to achieve this level of success with only a minimal employee count. With just dozens of employees, the platform’s revenue and user numbers are particularly impressive.

Monetization of

Despite the platform’s success, there remain questions regarding the specific revenue sources of While it is clear that the website generates substantial income, the exact methods through which this is achieved warrant further exploration. One possibility that arises is the role of AdSense, a popular advertising platform. However, given the level of success and user engagement, it is worth exploring whether has additional revenue streams beyond advertisements. Understanding the platform’s monetization strategies can provide valuable insights into the broader realm of online businesses.

In conclusion, researching wealthy individuals through their real estate holdings can provide a wealth of information about their financial standing. Utilizing platforms like and exploring segments such as Yolanda allows researchers to uncover valuable details about potential buyers. The case study of Brian Carringer exemplifies the connection between real estate investments and wealth, showcasing how a successful entrepreneur can leverage their success in unconventional industries. In analyzing Carringer’s background and involvement with, it becomes evident that real estate holdings can serve as an indicator of substantial wealth.

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