MFM #163: How Chrome Plugins Are Making Millions & How A Studying App is Going Viral

Discover how Chrome plugins are generating millions in sales and explore the viral potential of a studying app in this insightful and hilarious episode of MFM. Don't miss out!

In the latest episode of the podcast “My First Million,” hosts Sam Parr and Shaan Puri dive into the world of Chrome plugins and how they’re racking in millions of dollars in sales annually. One guest even reveals that their company makes over $100 million in sales each year. As if that wasn’t enough, they also discuss the social media strategy of My First Million and the jaw-dropping valuation of Gumroad at $100 million. But don’t worry, they don’t stop there. They also explore the potential of a studying app called and have a casual conversation about various topics, including personal updates and previous podcast episodes. It’s a jam-packed episode full of insights, laughs, and a hint of world domination. You definitely don’t want to miss it!

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Opportunities and Success of Chrome Plugins

The episode of “My First Million” kicks off with a guest revealing the astonishing success of Chrome plugins. With a smirk on his face, he casually drops the bomb that their sales exceed $100 million annually. The hosts are gobsmacked, trying to wrap their heads around the magnitude of this success. It turns out that not only are they making huge sales, but they also recently secured a whopping $100 million in funding, taking their valuation to the stratosphere. This revelation leaves the hosts in awe and questioning their own life choices. Who would have thought that a little Chrome plugin could bring in such riches?

The discussion then delves into the world of social media strategy, particularly focusing on the podcast’s own strategy. The hosts express their desire to up their game in the social media realm. With the competition and noise out there, they recognize the need to stand out and engage their audience more effectively. They contemplate different tactics, brainstorming ideas to elevate their social media presence and reach a wider audience. The hosts understand that in today’s digital landscape, a solid social media game is crucial for success.

Valuation of Gumroad at $100 Million

The conversation takes an interesting turn as the hosts bring up the valuation of Gumroad, a platform that allows creators to sell their digital products. They are flabbergasted by the brave move of valuing the company at a staggering $100 million. The hosts find the valuation mind-boggling, questioning whether it is justified or wild speculation. They discuss the challenges and risks associated with valuing startups and wonder if Gumroad can live up to its lofty valuation.

The Future of Studying App

The episode then turns its attention to the potential of, a studying app aimed at creating a remote studying environment. The hosts recognize the evolving landscape of education, driven by the increasing demand for remote learning. They discuss the potential benefits and challenges of such an app, pondering whether it can truly revolutionize the way students study. While they acknowledge the app’s potential, concerns are raised about the sustainability of the platform and the potential for inappropriate behavior within the community.

MFM #163: How Chrome Plugins Are Making Millions  How A Studying App is Going Viral

Casual Conversation about Various Topics

In the latter part of the episode, the hosts engage in a lighthearted, casual conversation about various topics. They reflect on previous episodes of their podcast, recalling memorable moments and impactful interviews. One of the hosts, Sam Parr, gleefully shares his recent appearance on CNBC, relishing the experience of being on a major broadcast network. The hosts then share personal updates, with Shaan Puri revealing that he recently had a child and named him Banks. They discuss the reasoning behind the name and their preferences for unique names. It’s a light-hearted and relaxed end to the episode, showcasing the hosts’ camaraderie and their ability to discuss serious business topics while still finding time for a good laugh.

Gumroad: A Platform for Creators to Sell Digital Products

Gumroad, a platform for creators to sell their digital products, takes center stage as the hosts explore its features and success stories. They reveal that Gumroad recently raised an impressive $5 million through crowdfunding, demonstrating the support and confidence the platform enjoys from its users. The hosts dive into the various features that Gumroad provides to creators, highlighting its simplicity, ease of use, and ability to create customized websites for selling digital products. They also share success stories of creators who have achieved substantial sales on the platform, showcasing the potential for financial success within the Gumroad ecosystem.

Podcast Speaker’s Success on Gumroad

The episode then shifts to a personal success story of a speaker who made tens of thousands of dollars on Gumroad by selling a product. The hosts delve into the details of the product, which happens to be a guide on how to email people to secure apartments on Craigslist. They marvel at the creator’s ability to identify a niche market and monetize it successfully. The discussion serves as an inspiration to aspiring creators, highlighting the power of finding a unique idea and leveraging the Gumroad platform to achieve financial success.

Gumroad’s Journey and Financial Performance

The conversation takes a deeper dive into the history and financial performance of Gumroad. The hosts discuss Gumroad’s 10-year arc, which saw the platform facing its fair share of ups and downs. Despite the challenges, Gumroad managed to restart and experience significant growth. They reveal the astonishing figures of gross transactions, with over $200 million per year, highlighting the vast marketplace that Gumroad provides to creators. The hosts further dissect the financial performance, disclosing a net revenue of around $200,000 per month and a net income of $1 million at the end of the year. These impressive numbers demonstrate Gumroad’s resilience in the market and its ability to generate substantial revenue.

Founder of Gumroad and His Priorities

The hosts delve into the story behind Gumroad and its founder, highlighting his background and decision to start the company at just 19 years old. They discuss the founder’s journey, including the experience of a failed startup and the aftermath that followed. The hosts touch on the challenges faced by the founder, who raised millions of dollars but couldn’t create a successful business. Questions arise regarding the founder’s attitude towards investors and his priorities, leading to doubts about investing in him. The hosts express concerns about his investment judgment and whether personal reasons could cloud his decision-making.

Exploring Study Stream Live

The discussion shifts to the concept of Study Stream Live, an app that aims to provide a focused study environment for students. The hosts explore the potential of the platform, recognizing the increasing demand for remote studying solutions. They discuss the benefits and drawbacks of Study Stream Live, shedding light on its potential impact on the education industry. However, concerns are raised about the sustainability of the platform, considering the changing nature of technology and potential pitfalls that may arise in fostering a healthy studying community.

Hosts’ Reflection on Achievements and Growth

In the final segment of the episode, the hosts reflect on their own achievements and the growth of their My First Million newsletter. They express a sense of validation in their content creation achievements, acknowledging the progress they have made in building a successful podcast. They also discuss their recent interview with Michael Saylor, acknowledging the awkwardness of the conversation and their commitment to creating a more open and comfortable environment with future guests. The hosts share their experiences with public feedback and the importance of developing a thicker skin to navigate the world of content creation.

In conclusion, this episode of “My First Million” covers a wide range of topics, ranging from the success of Chrome plugins to the valuation of Gumroad and the potential of studying app The hosts engage in casual conversations, exploring personal updates and reflecting on their achievements. They provide a comprehensive overview of Gumroad’s features and success stories while examining the financial performance of the platform. The episode also dives into the backstory of Gumroad’s founder, discussing his priorities and investment doubts. Finally, the hosts explore the potential and concerns surrounding Study Stream Live and reflect on their own growth as content creators. With a humorous tone throughout, the episode is both entertaining and informative, leaving listeners with valuable insights into various business opportunities and trends.

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